A brief summary of “Spring Turners” by Tendryakova

Spring flip-flops – a revolution in the minds of Dyushka – the main character of the narrative. Literally for one day the boy grew up and began to think about the meaning of life, about the transmigration of souls. The thirteen-year-old tried to solve the problem in mathematics, but she did not give in. At this time, the child’s view fell on the collection of Pushkin’s works, and the young thinker read the lines that the great poet dedicated to his wife. Andrei looked up at the wall where Natalya Goncharova’s portrait was hanging, and suddenly realized how this woman looked like a girl, who was studying with Dushka at school, Rimka Bratenev. Quickly find out what happened next, can help a short summary. “Spring flip-flops” is a story about a kind spiritual child who knows how to admire the beautiful and sharply feels injustice.

Confrontation – moral and physical

In the lyric mood, a teenager comes out of the house and sees

a group of guys led by the notorious hooligan Sanka. He invented a disgusting entertainment – tied a rope to the frog’s foot and threw it at the target. Moreover, he tried to draw Dumb Tyugunov to this terrible act, but he flatly refused. And Dyusha’s friend, Minka, could not resist the pressure of the bully. He ruined the frog by throwing it at the target. Dyushka expressed all that he thought about Sanka. The children looked at the boy, amazed at his boldness. To understand what a brave Dushka was, the reader will be helped by the story and its short content. “Spring flips” – a story about a pure soul and thoughts for a child. Even if the guy was scared, he did not show a look.

Minka said that now Dyushka needs to be cautious, since Sanka will not forgive him statements against him. Andrew started wearing a knapsack for self-defense, but he never used it. Once in the schoolyard, a guy from Sanka’s gang approached him and said that he would soon take revenge on him. Dyushka did not wait for this, but immediately went to Sanka and gave him a slap in the face. A fight broke

out. All direct and indirect participants in the incident were summoned to the director.

Tragedy and salvation

So the brief content came to its finale. Spring turners after the winter showed up in the behavior of not only Dyushki, but Minky. The timid guy surprised everyone. When the director and teacher of mathematics asked why Tyagunov was wearing a brick, Minka explained that this was for self-defense from Sanka, since he could stab with a knife. The bully flared up, began to prove that he did not have a knife. Then the timid Minka began to blame him boldly, telling him how he mocks the animals. Sanka did not forgive this boy, and then really stabbed Minka with a knife. But it ended well. Mother Dyushka, a doctor, helped save the child.

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A brief summary of “Spring Turners” by Tendryakova