A brief summary of ME Saltykov-Shchedrin’s fairy tale “The Wisest Scribe”

Once upon a time there lived a minnow. His father and mother lived for a long time, did not fall in either ear or pike. And the son so to live punished, on the principle of “look at both.” The minnow was an intelligent fellow, and so he began to scatter with his mind, as if he could avoid all troubles. Any fish can swallow it, because he is the smallest. A man – so this is the enemy at the very first. The father often told him about this, he punished him with fear, “because even this is a stupid projectile, but with us, the minnowers, it’s more stupid, it’s more accurate.” They’ll throw us a fly, like they want to make us want, you’ll grab it in a fly, then death! “. The father of the gudgeon had a chance in his life when he himself almost fell into his ear. The fish were caught by the seine. Drag them all together: a pike, perch, and then look you now these predators grab. But no. “At that time, there was no time for

eating, brother, there was one thing on everyone’s mind: death has come! And how and why it came – no one understands. “So they pulled everything out, but only a small gazelle seemed to the fishermen. There was no use in it from the ear.

So they let him go back to the lake to grow up again. Listened to the minnow of the father’s advice and decided to live cautiously. Year he was hammering his nose. What did not he endure during this time. And when the hole was ready, he decided to sit in his hole during the day and tremble, and at night go out of the hole and look for food. And it is possible and at noon, when the rest of the fish is already full. “For it is better not to eat or drink, rather than to lose the full stomach of life.”

“He lies day and night in a hole, he does not sleep a night, he does not eat a piece, and he thinks:” It seems that I’m alive? ah, something tomorrow will be? “Once he saw it right next to his cancer burrow. It stands with the ossified eyes and his, the gudgeon, waiting. This is where the minnower got frightened. She waited

half a day for his cancer, and the minnows meanwhile all trembled and trembled.

And the pike guarded it at the hole. Yes, only the minnow did not come out of the hole and he was proud that he was alive. He lived like that for a hundred years. He had neither wife nor children. He thought that only earlier the family could be, because the pike was then kinder, and the perch did not look at small minnows. “Everything trembled, everything trembled: no friends with him, no relatives, no one to whom, no one to him.”

And the sandman came to die. And he once remembered the words said by the pike: “If everyone lived like that, then it was quiet in the river!” And then the minnows thought, and indeed, what would have happened then? After all, the family of minnows would have ended, because to continue it you need a family, a native element, and not the eternal twilight of its burrow.

“It is incorrectly believed by those who think that only those minnows can be considered worthy citizens who, frantic with fear, sit in holes and tremble. No, these are not citizens, but at least useless minnows.

None of them are warm or cold, no honor, no dishonor, no glory, no shame… they live, they take a good place and they eat food, and the minnow begins to understand that no one needs it now. in the whole lake, about his wisdom, because no one knows him either: he never helped anyone in his life with a kind word or advice, only he heard them saying: “You have heard about an otolop who does not eat, does not drink, does not see anyone, does not lead anyone to bread, does not he lead anyone, and only protects his spared-up life? “The minnow dawdled or he began to forget, Only his snout leaned out of the burrow, and then he disappeared, where he disappeared – so no one knows.

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A brief summary of ME Saltykov-Shchedrin’s fairy tale “The Wisest Scribe”