To Sherlock Holmes, the owner of a small loan fund named Jabez Wilson, who has an unusual red hair color, applies for help. The affairs of Mr. Wilson did not go well and he had to fire his workers. Some time ago, he hired an assistant to Vincent Spalding, who agreed to work for half the salary to study the case. The assistant was quick and dexterous, but he was too fond of photography. After making cadres, he climbed into the basement to show the film. Once Spaulding showed the owner a newspaper announcement about a certain Union of Redheads. One American millionaire, who possessesRead More →

V. Mayakovsky Man On Mayakovsky’s head, the palm of the sun is the priest of the world, the surrenderer of all sins. The earth says to him: “Now let go of you!” Let the stupid historians, who were taught by contemporaries, write that the poet lived a boring and uninteresting life. Let him know that he will drink his morning coffee in the Summer Garden. The day of his descent into the world was absolutely like everything, no signs were burning in the sky of his Bethlehem. But how can he not glorify himself if he feels himself to be an unbroken continuity, and eachRead More →

MP Artsybashev Sanin The hero of the novel Vladimir Sanin lived for a long time outside the family, which is probably why he easily mastered the threads of all collisions that he noticed in his home and in a familiar city. Sister Sanina, the beautiful Lida, “a delicate and charming tangle of elegant tenderness and dexterous power,” is fond of a completely unworthy of her officer Zarudin. Some time they even meet for mutual pleasure with the slight difference that after the meetings Zarudin has a good good mood, and Lida has longing and indignation at herself. Pregnant women, she rightly calls him “cattle”. LidaRead More →

Norway early XX century. The hero – Wilfred Sagen, the Little Lord, grows up in the hypocritical atmosphere of a rich bourgeois family. Outstanding nature of a fourteen-year-old boy is disgusted by the pretense of the mother and other relatives, their desire to protect him from real life. The hero does not allow anyone into his inner world. However, trying to assert himself, Wilfred uses the same weapon as the people he despises – pretense. “He had another life, not at all like the one they themselves drew.” Waking up in the morning after the reception of the guests, which was arranged on the eveRead More →

It has been sixteen years since Ki who dethroned Prince Zauloch from the throne of Kiev and took his place. That battle took the lives of all the sons of Zavolokh, and the prince himself had to flee with the remnants of the army. His wife, having learned that she had lost all sons, and with her husband to see her soon, she will not be fated, having kissed the last daughter Osneldu, who was a year old, committed suicide. Thus, Cue could only capture Osneld. Now an adult girl could not remember her parents, but she knows who separated her from them – KiyRead More →

Joseph Heller Amendment-22 The fictional island of Pianosa in the Mediterranean, invented by the author’s fantasy base of the US Air Force. Quite real World War II. However, each of the numerous characters of this extensive literary fresco has its own war, for the sake of victory in which they spare no effort, no life, and some – someone else’s life. Captain of the Air Force Yossarian for the time being “normally fought”, although in the context of the novel this combination looks absurd. He was ready to fulfill the norm set by the US Air Force in twenty-five sorties and go home. However, ColonelRead More →

Thomas Wolfe Take a look at your house, an angel Everyone living on earth is the result of countless additions: four thousand years ago in Crete love could begin which ended yesterday in Texas. Every life is a moment, open to eternity, Wolfe says. And here is one of them… Eugene Gant is a descendant of the Englishman Gilbert Gant, who arrived in Baltimore from Bristol and became related to the German family, and the Pentlands, in which the Scottish blood prevailed. From his father, Oliver Gant, a stone carver, Eugene inherited an explosive temperament, the artistry of nature and the actress’s festivity of speech,Read More →

Mr. Jones owns Manor Farm near Willingdon, England. The old boar, the Major gathers at night in a large barn of all the animals that live here. He says that they live in slavery and poverty, because man appropriates the fruits of their labor, and calls for an uprising: one must be freed from man, and animals will immediately become free and rich. Major sings the old song “Beasts of England”. Animals amicably pick up. Preparations for the uprising are taken on by pigs, which are considered to be the most intelligent animals. Among them stand out Napoleon, Snowball and Vizgun. They transform the teachingRead More →

The events described in the play develop in the village, which is jointly owned by Chestin and Eugenia. In the past, they loved each other, but, at the request of his father, whose will Evgenie did not dare disobey, she had to go under the crown with a rich old man. Chestin, who had no idea of ​​life without Eugenia, went to the front, but the bullets passed him by. Meanwhile, their separation did not last long. The rich old man, who was jealous of Eugenia, died and left her a fair inheritance, which included half of the village. The second half was owned byRead More →

Part one For all his life Kolya Pluzhnikov did not meet so many pleasant surprises, how many had fallen in the last three weeks. The order for conferring on him, Nikolai Petrovich Pluzhnikov, was waiting for the military rank for a long time, but unexpected surprises sprang up after him. Kolya woke up at night from his own laughter. After the order they gave out a lieutenant’s uniform, in the evening the head of the school congratulated everyone with the ending, handing “The identity card of the commander of the Red Army” and heavyweight TT. And then the evening began, “the most beautiful of allRead More →