In ancient times, a certain Taoist monk, the elder Lui, who comprehended the mystery of immortality, met at the inn with a boy named Lou.

Carlo Goldoni Innkeeper The Count of Albaziorita and the Marquis of Forlipopoli lived in the same Florentine hotel for almost three months, and all this

Ch. T. Aitmatov Farewell, Gyulsary! Last autumn, Tanabai came to the collective farm office, and the brigadier said to him: “We picked you a horse,

The action takes place in one of the counties of the central strip of Russia. Nikolai Alekseyevich Ivanov, a landowner, sits in his garden and

The novel “Oblomov” by IA Goncharov was published in 1859 in the journal Otechestvennye zapiski (Fatherland Notes) and is considered the pinnacle of the writer’s

Spain, early XX century. Mountain village. The play begins in the house of the Bridegroom. Mother, learning that he is going to the vineyard and

Jean Meillier Testament In the preface the author reports that during his lifetime he could not openly express his thoughts on the ways of managing

The protagonist Roland Rami returns to civilian life after several months of service in Morocco, where he took part in hostilities. In Paris, with the