V. V. Nabokov Lolita Humbert Humbert, a thirty-seven-year-old lecturer in French literature, has an unusual inclination for nymphets, as he calls them – charming girls from nine to fourteen. A long childhood impression gave him this clandestine experience, which warded off more mature women. The action of the confessional novel written by Humberts in prison dates back to the summer of 1947. Ten years earlier, while living in Paris, he was married, but his wife left him for the sake of the Russian emigrant colonel just before his transfer to America. There he took part in various research projects, he was treated in sanatoriums forRead More →

The literary journey is two-dimensional in nature: it is a real journey, and a journey of imagination. On the one hand, the material of the novel is the real journey of the officer A. Veltman to Bessarabia, Moldova, Vala-hii, Dobrudja for almost ten years, and the Russian-Turkish campaign of 1828. But on the other hand, the hero’s journey is an imaginary journey through the map : “take Europe by the ends and lay it on the table”; the author wanders, “not leaving his deceased sofa.” The reader is not allowed to establish himself on any one point of view: he is interpreted about the mapRead More →

G.-Z. Giyarag Portuguese letters Lyrical tragedy of unrequited love: five letters of the unfortunate Portuguese nun Mariana addressed to the French officer who threw it. Mariana takes up her pen when the sharp pain of separation from her beloved fades away and she gradually gets used to the idea that he is far away and the hopes he has been harnessing to her heart have turned out to be “treacherous”, so it is unlikely that she will even wait for an answer from him at all letter. However, she already wrote to him, and he even answered her, but it was when only one kindRead More →

March 1865 In the United States during the Civil War, five brave Northmen flee from the southerly Richmond in a balloon. A terrible storm throws out four of them to the shore of an uninhabited island in the Southern Hemisphere. The fifth man and his dog break into the sea near the shore. This fifth – someone Cyrus Smith, a talented engineer and scientist, the soul and the head of the detachment of travelers – for several days involuntarily keeps in suspense his companions who can not find anywhere neither himself nor the devoted dog Top. The former slave suffers most of all, and nowRead More →

Washington Irving (April 3, 1783, New York – November 28, 1859, Tarrytown, New York) is an outstanding American romantic writer. For some time he was preparing for the practice of lawyers. During the war with England, in 1812, was adjutant under General Tompkins, then he took part in one trade enterprise, but so unsuccessfully that he lost all his fortune. The beginning of literary activity Irving was served by his humorous essays under the name “Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle”. Having abandoned trading business, Irving engaged in the processing of travel notes made during his trip to England in 1815; he published a collection of essaysRead More →

The biggest house on the Arbat is between Nikolsky and the Money Lanes. In it there live four former classmates. Three of them: Sasha Pankratov, the secretary of the Komsomol cell of the school, the son of the lifter Maxim Kostin and Nina Ivanova – were a cohesive group of activists in the school. They were joined by the daughter of a well-known diplomat, a Bolshevik with pre-revolutionary experience Lena Budyagina. The fourth is Yura Sharok, the son of a tailor. This crafty and cautious guy hates politics. In his family, the new owners of life are sarcastically called “comrades.” The school is over. NowRead More →

On December 2, 1851, President Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon I, made a coup d’etat by dissolving the National Assembly and arresting the figures of the parliamentary opposition. On December 4, the army suppressed the uprising that had begun in Paris, and many unarmed townspeople, including women and children, were killed. Victor Hugo was one of a small group of deputies – passionate opponents of the new monarchical system. The December shootings made the further struggle impossible. The writer had to flee the country – he returned from emigration only after the infamous fall of the Second Empire, in 1870. A collection of poemsRead More →

Night One The work begins with the nightly lyrical reflections of the hero. He is romantic, shy and lonely. The young man in his imagination communicates with strangers on the street, talks and is friends with the houses that meet on the way, saying goodbye to people leaving for the country. Suddenly in his house, he draws attention to the “smoky walls” and “the ceiling hung with cobwebs,” and this begins to weigh him. He recalls the day spent in a dreary walk around the city and beyond, admires the countryside nature, able to transform his inner state and feel the joy and ease ofRead More →

Like an ant – a grain of sand to a grain of sand – Father Vasily built his life: he married, became a priest, produced a son and daughter. After seven years, life crumbled to dust. Drowned in the river by his son, his wife began to drink with sorrow. Rest is not found by Father Vasily and in the temple – people are avoiding him, the elder is openly despising. Even on the name day, only the clergy come to him, the venerable fellow villagers do not pay attention to the father. At night, a drunk wife demands caresses from him, hoarsely begging: “GiveRead More →

The old people Afanasy Ivanovich Tovstogub and his wife Pulcheria Ivanovna live alone in one of the remote villages, called Old Rus in the Little Russia. Their life is so quiet that a guest who has unexpectedly come to a low bar-house, buried in the greenery of the garden, the passions and unsettling worries of the outside world seem to not exist at all. The small rooms of the house are filled with all sorts of things, the doors are sung in different ways, the storerooms are filled with supplies, the preparation of which is constantly occupied by courtyards run by Pulcheria Ivanovna. Despite theRead More →