The tragedy of Antigone is a direct confirmation of the Greek saying: “Above all else in human life is the law, and the unwritten law is higher than written.” In order to regret the weak, honor the gods, respect and love your loved ones, you do not need to issue a law. Each person is vaccinated from birth. The written law was invented by the people themselves and they changed it. The King of Thebes, Oedipus, who accidentally killed his father and married his mother without knowing his kinship, ordered his eyes to be punished for punishment for his crimes and renounced the throne. TheRead More →

The work has a subtitle “A Tale of a Girl”. The writer shows three stages in her life: staying in the parental home, the war period and her future after the war. The main character of the story is Olga Zotova, daughter of an Old Believer merchant, who lived in Kazan. At night they were attacked, made a fire and killed their parents. Olya was rescued. She saw the killer, Brykin’s Boots. The girl was treated in the hospital, where she met Yemelyanov, the commander of the Reds. Began to equip the bears, the murderer makes a denunciation of Zotov. Olga is in prison forRead More →

The out-of-court adviser Podkolesin, lying on the couch with a pipe and thinking that it would not hurt to still marry, calls on Stepan’s servant, who asks about whether the matchmaker did not go in, and about visiting a tailor, about the quality of the cloth worn and not asked the tailor why the gentleman had a coat of such a thin cloth and whether he wanted to marry. Going next to the wax and discussing it in as detailed a detail, Podkolesin laments that marriage is such a busy thing. Appears matchmaker Fekla Ivanovna and talks about the bride Agafya Tikhonovna, the merchant’s daughter,Read More →

Fairytales Faithful Johannes (“Faithful Johannes”) – one of the types of German folklore – a selfless friend, in this version (originating from the area of ​​the Tzvern) servant, in the other (from Paderborn) – a royal son named Josef, helping his stepbrother. VI, having learned that for the happiness of the young king left to his care by the deceased king-father, by the will of a mysterious force, three definite actions must be committed, takes them on himself, although he knows that after that he will turn into a stone a statue. But the feat VI is only one phenomenon of real devotion, which providesRead More →

IS Turgenev Rudin In the village house of Darya Mikhailovna Lasunskaya, a noble and wealthy landowner, a former beauty and a capital lioness who, far from civilization, still organizes a salon, awaits a certain baron, scholar and connoisseur of philosophy who promised to acquaint her with her scientific research. Lasunskaya takes the conversation with the audience. This is Pigasov, a man who is not wealthy and has a cynical mood (his attack is against women), secretary of the hostess Pandalevsky, a home teacher of the younger children of the Lasun Bassists, who just graduated from university, retired staff captain Volintsev with his sister, secured byRead More →

The only daughter of a wealthy noblewoman lost her mother early and her father again married a lady with two girls. Since then, the fate of the young Cinderella has changed. Now she was serving her stepmother and in every way pleasing her daughters. I cooked, sewed, washed and cleaned the whole house and did all the dirty work. Her father was very fond of his daughter, but was very meek and could not contradict his new wife. Soon the king announced that he was going to marry his beloved son and stepmother Cinderella decided that she would not miss this chance and one ofRead More →

Hans Fallada Everyone dies alone Germany, Berlin, World War II. On the day of the capitulation of France, the postman brings to the home of carpenter-cabinetmaker Otto Kvanglja the news that their son has fallen a hero’s death for the Fuhrer. This terrible blow awakens in the soul of Anna, the wife of Otto, the hatred of Nazism, which has matured for a long time. Otto and Anna Kwangel are ordinary people, they never got into politics and until recently considered Hitler as the savior of the country. But it’s hard for any honest person to not see what’s going on around him. Why, suddenly,Read More →

1807 year. Residents of a small Bosnian town of Travnik, located on the outskirts of the Turkish empire, are concerned that soon in their city, to which only the obscure echoes of world events were previously heard, two consulates will open – first French and then Austrian, as it became known that Bonaparte already enlisted the consent of the Porte in Istanbul. Residents of the town see this as a sign of the coming changes and they relate to the news received in different ways. The majority of the population are Muslim Turks who hate everything foreign, and any innovation is perceived as an encroachmentRead More →

One day a villan went by – a peasant, speaking in Russian, – with his wife on Sunday for mass. The priest preaches reading, they say, the Lord will reward a hundredfold for every gift from a pure heart. A peasant with a woman is coming home, and he says that, say, Burenka does not have much milk to give us, that if we give it to God for something?! A woman agreed, why not give. He brought a peasant Burenka out of the stable and to the ass: take, they say, a victim, than they are rich, so they are glad, I swear, thereRead More →

L. N. Tolstoy Holstomer At the dawn, horses are driven from the bar horse yard. From the entire herd stands a serious, pensive-looking old piebald gelding. He does not show impatience, like all other horses, dutifully waits until old man Nester saddles him, and with sadness watches what is happening, knowing in advance every minute. Having driven the herd to the river, Nester rasmslyvaet gelding and scratching it under the neck, believing that the horse is nice. Merin does not like this shechena, but from delicacy pretends to a grateful person, closes his eyes and shakes his head. And all of a sudden, for noRead More →