COLA BRUNION (MASTER OF CLAIM) Opera in three acts (six scenes) Libretto by VG Bragin Characters: Cola Bryunion Selina (Lasochka) Martina Gambi Zhyflyar Duke Ml de Teom Curet Notary Woman with a torch Pulyar, foreman of the city Konyushy Voznica Drunk soldier The Herald Baritone Mezzo soprano Soprano Tenor Baritone Tenor Soprano Bass Tenor Soprano Bass Baritone or bass Bass Baritone Tenor Citizens of Klamsi, soldiers, guests of the Duke, servants. The action takes place in Burgundy in the late 16th century. HISTORY OF CREATION The idea to write an opera on the subject of Romain Rolland’s novel “Cola Bryunion” (1913) was submitted to KabalevskyRead More →

Umberto Eco Pendulum Foucault The plot of this novel by a well-known Italian writer, philologist and historian of literature falls on the beginning of the seventies of the 20th century, a time when youth riots were still raging in Italy. However, the “political choice” of the narrator, a student at the Milan University of Casobone, becomes, in his own words, philology: “I came to this as a man who boldly takes the texts of speeches about truth, ready to rule them.” He has a friendship with the scientific editor of the publishing house “Garamon” Belbo and his colleague Diotallevi, who does not interfere with theRead More →

In the well-to-do house live Vasily Vasilyevich Bessemionov, 58, the foreman of the paint shop, who marks a deputy in the city duma from the shop class; Akulina Ivanovna, his wife; son Peter, a former student, expelled for taking part in unlawful student meetings; daughter Tatyana, a schoolteacher who sat up in brides; pupil Bessemeenova Nil, a machinist in a railway depot; church choir Teteriv and student Shishkin – parasites; Elena Nikolaevna Krivtsova is a young widow of the prison warden, who is renting rooms in the house, and Stepanida is a cook who performs all the black work in the house with the helpRead More →

Jean-Paul Sartre Flies In the main square of Argos is a flakes-stained statue of Jupiter, Waving off large fatty flies, enters Orestes. Screams scream from the palace. Fifteen years ago, Clytemnestra, the mother of Orestes and Elektra, and her lover Egiof killed their father Agamemnon. Aegisthus wanted to kill Orestes, but the boy managed to escape. And now, brought up in distant lands, Orestes with curiosity enters his hometown. Included is a disguised city dweller Jupiter. He explains to Orestes that today is the day of the dead, and the screams mean that the ceremony has begun: The inhabitants of the city, headed by theRead More →

Sophocles King Oedipus This is a tragedy about fate and freedom: it’s not the freedom of a person to do what he wants, but to take responsibility for what he does not want. The city of Thebes was ruled by King Laia and Queen Jocasta. From the Delphic oracle, King Laius received a terrible prediction: “If you bear a son, you will perish from his hand.” Therefore, when his son was born, he took him away from his mother, gave it to the shepherd and ordered him to be taken to the mountain pastures of Kieferon, and there to be thrown to be eaten byRead More →

L. N. Tolstoy Hadji Murad On a cold November evening in 1851, Hadji Murad, the famous naib of Imam Shamil, drives into the inhospitable Chechen aul Mahket. A Chechen Sado receives a guest in his sakle, despite Shamil’s recent order to detain or kill the rebellious naiba. On the same night, three soldiers with non-commissioned officer Panov come out to the front guard from the Russian fortress of Vozdvizhenskaya, fifteen versts from the village of Mahket. One of them, the merry fellow Avdeev, remembers how he drank some company money from homesickness, and again says that he went to the soldiers at the request ofRead More →

Attorney Patlen complains to Guillietta, his wife, that no one needs his services anymore. In the old days, there was no time for customers to leave, now he is out of work for weeks on end. Before, they did not deny themselves anything, but now they have to walk in rags and eat dry bread crusts. So you can not live any more, you need to do something. Is there not a lot of simpletons in the world who Patlin is a dodger and cunning – it’s not worth it to circle your finger! The lawyer goes to the cloth-maker, who is known for hisRead More →

“There were times worse, But there was no base”, – the author reads about the 70s. XIX century. In order to see this, it is enough to look into one of the expensive restaurants. In the hall number 1 dignitaries gathered: the jubilee of the administrator is celebrated. Among the main merits of the jubilee is that he did not bring the population of the province entrusted to him to ruin. The “devotee” did not steal state good, and for this they express their deep gratitude to him. In hall number 2, the educator is honored. He is presented with a portrait of Magnitsky –Read More →

The play takes place in London. In the summer evening, the rain pours like a bucket. Passersby run to the Covent Garden Market and to the portico of the cathedral of St. Pavel, where several people have already taken refuge, including an elderly lady with a daughter, they are in the evening toilets, waiting for Freddie, the son of a lady, to find a taxi and come for them. All except one person with a notebook, eagerly peering into the streams of rain. Freddie appears in the distance, who has not found a taxi, and runs to the portico, but on the way he fliesRead More →

Behind the garden of the Chinese emperor was a forest, and in the woods there lived a nightingale who sang so well that even a poor fisherman forgot about his seine, but then again took up his business and did not think about the nightingale until the next night. Travelers said that the nightingale is the best that the emperor has. Having learned from books about the nightingale, the emperor wished to listen to him in the evening and gave the order to the important first minister. The minister interviewed the whole palace – no one knew about such a bird. After threatening to stickRead More →