DMITRY DMITRIEVICH SHOSTAKOVICH The genus. in 1906 Shostakovich is one of the greatest contemporary composers, an outstanding music and public figure, and a teacher. In

Nezhdanoff gets a home teacher from the Sipyagins at a time when he is in great need of money, even more in changing the situation.

February 20, 1598. For a month already, Boris Godunov has shut himself up with his sister in a monastery, leaving “all worldly” and refusing to

IVAN IVANOVICH DZERZHINSKY The genus. in 1909 The opera genre is the main sphere of Dzerzhinsky’s creative interests. The heroics of the revolutionary and people’s

Alexey Arseniev was born in the 70’s. XIX century. in the middle zone of Russia, in his father’s farmstead, on Kamenka farmstead. Childhood years passed

LEOSH YANACHEK 1854-1928 Janacek is an outstanding Czech composer, conductor, teacher, music critic and music and public figure. His art is marked by progressive aspiration,