AP Platonov The Inmost Man “Foma Pukhov is not gifted with sensitivity: he cut his boiled sausage on the coffin of his wife, starving because

Spirit Mail, Academic or moral and critical correspondence of the Arab philosopher Malikulmulka with water, air and underground spirits. Assistant Arab magician Malikulmulka, typed correspondence

E. S. Wentzel Ladies’ Master Director of the Institute of Information Machines Professor Marya Kovaleva, who lives with two adult sons-obwitus, feels that she is

Umberto Eco The name of the Rose In the hands of the future translator and publisher of “The Notes of Father Adson from Melk” fall

IA Bunin Life of Arsenyev Alexey Arseniev was born in the 70’s. XIX century. in the middle zone of Russia, in his father’s farmstead, on

The poor coal miner from the Black Forest, Peter Munch, “a small clever man”, began to be uneasy with the low-profit and, it seems, not

L. G. Zorin Warsaw melody After the concert, Victor escorts Gel to her hostel. On the way, Gelya tells Victor about himself. Russian taught her

The action takes place in the living room of the country villa Orpheus and Eurydice, reminiscent of the illusionist’s salon; despite the April sky and