IS Turgenev Noble Nest The first, as usual, the news of the return Lavretzky brought in the house of the Kalitins Gedeonovsky. Maria Dmitrievna, the

VV Ivanov Kremlin In the year when Grand Prince Ivan III ordered the erection of the Moscow Kremlin, the prince Nikita, who owned the city

Not far from my estate there is a young landowner, an officer in retirement, Arkady Pavlovich Penochkin. He is a sensible and educated man, he

William Faulkner Light in August Even less than a month, it took Lina Grove to get on foot and when, but rarely, on a passing

Knut Hamsun Pan The author uses the form of the first person narrative. His hero – a thirty-year-old Lieutenant Thomas Glan recalls the events that

M. Yu. Lermontov Mtsyri Mtskheta – the ancient capital of Georgia, founded there, “where, merging, rustling, / Embracing as if two sisters, / Strui Aragva

AG Elenschleger Axel and Valborg The play takes place from the beginning to the end in the solemn atmosphere of the Trondheim cathedral in Nidaros,