JH Updike Centaur Action takes place during several January days in 1947 in the town of Olinger, Pennsylvania The first chapter The novel begins with

About the work Daniel Defoe’s novel “Robinson Crusoe” was first published in April 1719. The work gave rise to the development of the classic English

André Maurois. The vicissitudes of love The first part of the novel – Odile – is written on behalf of Philippe Marsen and is addressed

Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia, founded there, “where, merging, rustling, / Embracing like two sisters, / Arahwa and Kury Strui.” Immediately, in Mtskheta,

ZAKHARIY PETROVICH PALIASHVILI 1871-1933 One of the most important stages of the musical history of Georgia is associated with the name of Paliashvili. His creative

William Shakespeare King Lear Location – Britain. The time of action is the 11th century. The powerful King Lear, feeling the approach of old age,

The action takes place immediately after the establishment of the July Monarchy. Nineteen-year-old Opac Dumont, the son of a small provincial official, after receiving the

The incident that happened with Gregor Zamzoi is described, perhaps, in one phrase of the story. One morning, waking up after a restless sleep, the

Sentimental story of a dog devoted to the owner, suddenly in trouble. Scottish Setter Bim, endowed with a white color, does not meet the standard