Ivlin Vo Loved One unbearably hot evening in the home of Francis Hinzli in Hollywood comes Sir Ambrose Abercrombie and finds the host, screenwriter “Megapoliten Studios” company, together with his young friend and poet Denisom Barlou for a glass of whiskey. All three Englishmen, and the British, according to Sir Eberkombi, here in America, should stay together and not fall below a certain level, that is, not to accept work that does not correspond to their position in the local society. Denis, who recently ended a contract with one of the studios, joined the funeral office for animals called “The World’s Best Land,” which allRead More →

VV Nabokov Ada, or Passion “Hell” is a grandiose parody of different literary genres: from the novels of Leo Tolstoy through the cycle of Marcel Proust “In search of lost time” to fiction in the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut. The novel takes place in a country that originated from the assumption that the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) ended in the victory of the Tatar-Mongols and the Russians fled to North America to escape, with descendants of these settlers living in Amerosia in the middle of the 19th century, and we get acquainted. And in the place of Russia, the mysterious Tataria stretched out behind theRead More →

Jean Racine Athalia The action takes place in the kingdom of Judea, in the temple of Jerusalem. Joram, the seventh king of the Jews of the dynasty of David, married to Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, who ruled over the kingdom of Israel. Athaliah, like her parents, an idolater who inclined her husband to build a temple in Baal in Jerusalem. Joram soon died of a terrible illness. Intending to exterminate the entire lineage of David, Athaliah betrayed the executioners of all the grandchildren of Joram (his children had already died by that time). However, the daughter of Joram from another wife, Josavef,Read More →

Jan Krishtof Zaluski is the main character. A cripple who has no hands from birth; he has a big head, a pale face “with moving sharp features and large, penetrating running eyes.” “The body was very small, the shoulders narrow, the breasts and abdomen were not visible from under a broad beard, with a strong graying.” The legs are “long and thin,” with their help “phenomenon”, as the accompanying, “daringly” subject calls him, removes the cap from his head, combs his beard with a comb, crosses himself, and finally writes on a white slip an “even beautiful line”: “Man created for happiness, like a birdRead More →

Part one “Evenings…”, consisting of 8 stories, are divided into exactly 2 parts, and each is preceded by a preface of the imaginary publisher. In the first, describing his farm, he gives the characteristics of some particularly colorful inhabitants of Dikanka that they woo in the evenings in the “Pasichnikov hovel” and tell those strange stories, the diligent collector of which is Ruda Panko Sorochinsky Fair The description of the delicious luxuries of a summer day in Little Russia begins this story. Among the beauties of the August afternoon there are moving carts full of goods, and walking people to the fair in the townRead More →

Under this name, there are three sagas, known from the “Book of the Cow Burrow” and “The Yellow Book of Lecan” (XIV century). In the old days, Ireland was ruled by a king from the tribe of the Tribes of the Goddess named Eohide Ollothar (Eohide “Father of All”). He was also called Dagda, for he was able to perform miracles and had power over the harvest. Wishing affinity with his wife Elkmar, the ruler of Brug, Dagda joined with her when her husband went to visit. Dagda dispelled the darkness of the night, making the journey so long that nine months passed like oneRead More →

F. de Quevedo A life story of a scumbag named Don Pablos, an example of vagabonds and a mirror of scammers According to the laws of the genre picaresque, the novel begins with a description of the hero’s childhood years. Pablos’s parents – a witch mother, a thief-father – are always arguing, whose profession is better. “Theft, son, this is not a simple craft, but an elegant art,” assures the father. But the boy already cherishes noble dreams from his childhood, rejects the parents’ proposals to master their “art” and only because of his perseverance goes to school. At school, Pablos met Don Diego Coronel,Read More →

Chapter 1 Sergeant Guards The chapter opens with the biography of Peter Grinev: the father served, retired, the family had 9 children, but all but Peter died in infancy. Even before his appearance, Grinev was enrolled in the Semenov regiment. Until the age of majority he was considered on leave. The boy is brought up by Uncle Savelich, under whose guidance Petrusha learns Russian diploma and learns to judge the merits of a gay boy. Later, the Frenchman Beaupre was sent to him, who was supposed to teach the boy “in French, German and other sciences,” but he did not engage in Petrusha’s upbringing, butRead More →

M. Ye. Saltykov-Shchedrin Lord of Tashkent. Pictures of morals. The whole book is built on the boundary of the analytical, grotesque essay and satirical narrative. So what kind of creature is this – a Tashkenter – and what does she crave? She longs for only one thing: “To eat!”. Whatever it was, at the cost of anything. And Tashkent is turning into a country populated by emerging from Russia, as unnecessary, Tashkent. Tashkent is located where they beat in the teeth and where the right of citizenship has a tradition about Makar, the calves do not drive, that is – everywhere. Tashkent exists both atRead More →

AN Tolstoy The Road to Calvary The first book. The Sisters Beginning in 1914, St. Petersburg, “tormented by sleepless nights, deafening his longing for wine, gold, bezlyuboy love, tearing and powerless sensual sounds of tango – the death hymn lived as if waiting for a fateful and terrible day.” A young, clean girl, Daria Dmitrievna Bulavina, arrives in St. Petersburg for legal courses from Samara and stops at Ekaterina Dmitrievna’s older sister, who is married to a well-known lawyer, Nikolai Ivanovich Smokovnikov. Houses at the Smokovnikovs – salon, it is visited by various progressive personalities, talking about the democratic revolution, and fashionable people of art,Read More →

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