The jets of the outgoing river… They are continuous; but they are all not the same, old waters. Through the windmills floating foam bubbles… they then disappear, they will contact again, but for a long time to stay – is not given to them. People that are born, that they die… where do they come from and where do they go? Both the owner and his dwelling, they both leave, rivaling each other in the fragility of their being, quite like dew on bindweeds: then the dew will fall, and the flower remains, but in the early sun it will wither; then the flower fades,Read More →

Niels Ebbesen, the leader of the Danish peasants who rebelled against the Dutch rule, died in battle at Skanderborg on November 2, 1340. However, another event that occurred earlier in the spring of the same year glorified him. Conducted in the Danish folk ballad “Nils Ebbesen”, it later became the basis for several classic works of Danish literature, including the drama Munch, written by him during the Nazi occupation of Denmark. The first three acts of the play take place on the territory of the rich manor of Nils Ebbesen in Jutland. At the creek near the house the daughter of the owner Ruth rinsesRead More →

America, 1889 Eighteen-year-old Carolina Mieber, or, as she was affectionately called home, Sister Kerry, leaves his hometown of Columbia City and travels by train to Chicago, where her married older sister lives. In the wallet, Kerry has only four dollars and her sister’s address, but she is inspired by the hope for a new happy life in a big and beautiful city. At first, however, she expects disappointment. The sister is burdened with family and au pair, her husband works as a cleaner for wagons in a slaughterhouse and earns very little, and therefore every extra waste makes serious gaps in their meager budget. KerryRead More →

The action of the story is transmitted on behalf of the main character – Alesha Peshkov. He lived in Astrakhan, where his father, a master cabinetmaker, was instructed to build a triumphal gate for the arrival of the king. But the father died of cholera, from the grief of mother Varvara premature birth began. The boy remembered her cry, her disheveled hair, her bared teeth. My father was buried on a rainy day, frogs were sitting in the pit, and the boy was shocked that they were buried with the coffin. But he did not want to cry, for he rarely cried, and only fromRead More →

IA Bunin Sunstroke They met in the summer, on one of the Volga steamers. He is a lieutenant. She is a charming little, tanned woman (she said she is coming from Anapa). “… I’m completely drunk,” she laughed, “I was really crazy, three hours ago I did not even know you existed.” The lieutenant kissed her hand, and his heart blissfully and terribly faded… The steamship approached the pier, the lieutenant muttered imploringly: “Let’s get down…” And a minute later they came down, flew to a hotel in a dusty spill, passed into a big, but terribly stuffy number. And as soon as the footmanRead More →

In the preface to the novel, a famous Czech writer briefly tells the story of the moves – the border guards. “From ancient times, the natural and reliable protection of the Czech kingdom was served by dense forests.” Then they began to cut down, but along the edges of the royal forests, in the valleys, between the ridge of the hills lived in their villages passages, “a strong people, tempered, built of the heroic, the nature of a swagger.” They carried their service honestly, bravely fought with plowers, and with poachers. Their faithful friends were big and strong dogs. On the flag of the movesRead More →

In the introductory essay to the novel tells of the author’s native city – Salem, his ancestors – puritan fanatics, his work in the Seyme customs and the people he had to face there. “Neither the ceremonial, nor the back door of customs does not lead to paradise,” and the service in this institution does not contribute to the flowering of good inclinations in people. Once, rummaging in the papers, piled in a huge room on the third floor of the customs house, the author found a manuscript of a certain Jonathan Pew, who died eighty years ago. This was the life story of EstherRead More →

The story is written on behalf of the boy Viti. He was told to touch potatoes. Grandmother measured his “lesson” with two trousers, and he sat all morning in a cold, frosty cellar. Only the dream of new pants with a pocket that the grandmother Kateryna promised to sew to the first of May – the Vitya Eighth anniversary – is hindering the boy from leaving. I see myself clearly in these pants, smart, beautiful. My hand is in my pocket, and I walk around the village and do not take out my hand. Vitya never had new pants. Up to now, clothes have beenRead More →

H. Murakami Chronicles of the Clockwork Bird This work has no common characters with the previous books by Murakami, having, however, similar images and plots. At the beginning of the “Chronicles” the main character leaves the law firm, where he was “a runaway boy”. He lives on some savings, money left by his parents and what earns his wife Kumiko (she works in the magazine “about healthy eating”). With the hero strange events begin to occur. In the absence of a working wife, a woman is calling, trying to deal with the hero with telephone sex. The favorite cat is lost. Acquainted with a sixteen-year-oldRead More →

Chor and Kalinych Once, while hunting in the Kaluga region, I met with the local gentleman Polutkin. He also like I loved hunting. Polutkin made an offer to live on his estate. The road was long, so it was decided to call on one of the peasants’ men-Horia. He was not at home. The chorus lived in a separate house with six sons and was distinguished by prosperity. In the morning we went hunting, taking with us a cheerful Kalinich peasant, without whom Polutkin could not imagine hunting. The next day my hunt took place alone. I stopped by to see Horia. He stayed thereRead More →