Plutarch Comparative biographies “Comparative biographies” – this is 23 pairs of biographies: one Greek, one Roman, beginning with the legendary kings of Theseus and Romulus

Twelve sleeping virgins The mysterious narrative is preceded by an appeal to the Dream, the “air companion of young days”, whose presence promises a sweet

Anna Kupo, nicknamed Nana, the daughter of the drunk laundrywoman Gervaise McCar, and the crippled worker Kupo, died in Paris in 1870, eighteen years of

Early XVIII century. England, along with Austria, Prussia and other countries, leads an endless and exhausting war for the Spanish inheritance against the Franco-Spanish coalition.

Speech from the author. “It’s hard to tell this little story – it’s so simple.” On Sundays, the lyrical hero gathered children in spring and

Graham Greene Honorary Consul The action takes place in a small Argentine town on the border with Paraguay in the late 1960s – early 1970s.

Once upon a time in the Magic Country came the evil witch, the giantess Arachna. She harmed everyone, only condescending to the tribe of gnomes.

With the story “After the Ball”, created in 1903, the readers met only in 1911, after the death of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. The plot was

Songs about the gods The Song of Hymire Since the gods return from hunting with prey and feast they start, and the boiler is not