Oles Semenovich Chishko The genus. in 1895 Chishko is a prominent Soviet composer who has worked extensively and successfully in various fields of musical art.

Sriharsha Adventures of the Nishadchy Epic poem translating the legend of Nahl and Damayanti from the “Mahabharata” In the middle of India in the mountains

Bunin – a great Russian writer of the XIX – XX centuries. His works have always been restrained and rhythmic. In the poem Bunin always

P. Calderon Salamei alcalde In the village of Salameya enters the regiment of soldiers under the leadership of the captain. They are very exhausted by

The poem is written in honor of King Sebastian. The author begins with a description of the expedition headed by Vasco da Gama. During her

G. H. Andersen Ugly Duckling Ducks have hatched ducks. One of them was late, and outwardly failed. The old duck frightened her mother that it

Irwin Shaw The rich man, the poor man 1945. The unusual family of Jordahs lives in the city of Port-Philippe. Nobody loves anyone in this

Sherlock Holmes proceeds to investigate the murder of Colonel James Barclay in Oldershot, where the military unit is quartered. James was a brave soldier, for

A provincial town, a local hospital, an outbuilding for the mentally ill… The condition of this building, and of the hospital itself, is extremely miserable-everything