A. S. Pushkin Mozart and Salieri In his room sits composer Salieri. He complains about the injustice of fate. Remembering his childhood, he says that he was born with love for high art, that, as a child, he cried involuntarily and sweet tears at the sounds of the church organ. Early rejecting children’s games and fun, he selflessly devoted himself to studying music. Despising all that was alien to him, he overcame the difficulties of the first steps and early adversities. He mastered the musician’s craft perfectly, “to the fingers / betrayed obedient, dry fluency / And loyalty to the ear.” Dead sound, he brokeRead More →

Parents of the ten-year-old Luzhin by the end of the summer finally decide to tell their son that after returning from the village to Petersburg he will go to school. Afraid of the impending change in his life, little Luzhin runs off the station back to the estate before the arrival of the train and hides in the attic, where among other uncomplicated things he sees a chessboard with a crack. A boy is found, and a black-bearded man carries him from the attic to the stroller. Luzhin senior wrote books, they constantly flashed the image of a blond boy who became a violinist orRead More →

Esayas Tegner Saga of Fridtjof The name of the ancient Scandinavian (Icelandic) hero – Fridhjofr consists of two parts: fridh – peace, peace and thjofr – the thief, ie means “The thief of the world”. The main source of the poem is the Old Norse saga of Fridtjof Smel, which developed in the late 13th or early 14th century. It tells about events, to a large extent, the legendary events that took place in Norway in the 9th c. Each of the 24 songs of the poem is written by its own, special size, organically related to the emotional tone of this song. A kind,Read More →

Hotel; night; Italy; year of the 1748th. The protagonist – Giacomo Casanova, twenty-three years old, recovered from the IV volume of his own memoirs and supplemented, finished with a woman’s dream about the eternal Casanova, sleeps, dropping female names from her lips. His restless sleep is interrupted by hussar Henri, at first impression – a young, mischievous angel in uniform. Casanova in excitement: “Are you a lender? Are you a thief? You are worse: / You are someone’s husband! No, they are good for the husband. / Why are you here?” Why on the couch / Is this moonbeam gone? ” Dialogue, like moonlight, weavesRead More →

In the evening there were four people in the collective farm’s administration: the bearded cattle breeder Tsipyshev, the storekeeper Shchukin, the brigade leader of the field-brigade Ivan Konoplev and the collective farm chairman Pyotr Kuzmich Kudryavtsev. They were waiting for the start of the party meeting, but the teacher Akulina Semenovna, the fifth member of the party organization, was late. They waited in anticipation. “They said, plan from the bottom, let the collective farm decide what to sow,” the sagging chairman said, “and in the district they do not approve of our plan: the district plan is lowered from above, I was in the districtRead More →

The commander of the partisan detachment, Levinson, orders the orderly Morozka to take the package to another detachment. Frost does not want to go, he suggests sending someone else; Levinson quietly orders the orderly to surrender their weapons and go to all four sides. Morozka, having returned to her senses, takes the letter and goes on the road, noticing that it is impossible for him to “leave the detachment”. Then comes the prehistory of Morozka, who was a miner in the second generation, did everything in his life thoughtlessly – he thoughtlessly married the stroller Ware, who was strolling, thoughtlessly left in the eighteenth yearRead More →

In a brief introduction, the author says that this book was written with the aim of shedding light on a very peculiar sphere of life activity in which everything is so dark and vague that every novice pompadour needs explications and interpretations. Well, for example, a boss coming to a new place should know how his and other people’s meetings and seeing-offs are organized, how they treat subordinates, the law, the choice of a pompadour, etc. The author of the book chooses the form of lengthy stories instead of instructions. It is they who most likely will highlight the full range of Pompadour activities. ChiefsRead More →

The author visited a neighbor living fifteen versts from his estate. This is Arkady Pavlovich Penochkin, an officer in retirement, a reasonable and positive person, a master of cards, an enviable fiancé in the province. The officer, who is almost incessantly peppering the speech with French words, becomes unpleasant to the author immediately, as soon as he gives the “delicate” order to punish the valet for a cold wine: “About Fedor… dispose of.” Penochkin laments because of the abolition of corvée, but afterwards boastfully declares that the peasants have imposed such a quandary that they barely make ends meet. From the landlord himself, the manager,Read More →

Ivlin Vo Loved One unbearably hot evening in the home of Francis Hinzli in Hollywood comes Sir Ambrose Abercrombie and finds the host, screenwriter “Megapoliten Studios” company, together with his young friend and poet Denisom Barlou for a glass of whiskey. All three Englishmen, and the British, according to Sir Eberkombi, here in America, should stay together and not fall below a certain level, that is, not to accept work that does not correspond to their position in the local society. Denis, who recently ended a contract with one of the studios, joined the funeral office for animals called “The World’s Best Land,” which allRead More →

VV Nabokov Ada, or Passion “Hell” is a grandiose parody of different literary genres: from the novels of Leo Tolstoy through the cycle of Marcel Proust “In search of lost time” to fiction in the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut. The novel takes place in a country that originated from the assumption that the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) ended in the victory of the Tatar-Mongols and the Russians fled to North America to escape, with descendants of these settlers living in Amerosia in the middle of the 19th century, and we get acquainted. And in the place of Russia, the mysterious Tataria stretched out behind theRead More →

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