Terence Beetle Young Pamphil was very partial to the Bacchides. But under the pressure of his parents, reluctantly, he married a neighbor – a respectable Filumen. She loves her young husband. But the heart of that, probably, still belongs to the heterere… An unexpected case: at death the close relative, and Лахет, father of Pamphil, sends the son to other city on affairs about the inheritance. In the absence of Pamphylus, the unexpected happens: Filumena returns to her parents’ house. This is puzzled and upset by her mother-in-law Sostrata: she managed to fall in love with her daughter-in-law and does not understand the reasons forRead More →

Wilhelm Gauf of Alexandria Sheikh Ali Banu and his slaves Alexandria Sheikh Ali Banu was very rich, but very unhappy man: the Franks took his son Kayram, and the boy had no news, and his wife died of grief. Every year, on the day of Kayram’s abduction, the sheikh cleaned the house as a holiday, for the dervish said that on the same day the son would return home and convene guests who comforted the sheikh with fairy tales. Little Longnose In Germany, lived shoemaker Frederick. His wife Hannah and son Jakob successfully traded on the market with vegetables. When the ugly old woman approachedRead More →

About the work The comedy of Moliere “The philistine in the nobility” was written in 1670. The work was created within the literary realism direction. In the comedy “The Bourgeois in the Nobility” the author ridicules the typical bourgeois – the ignorant Mr. Jourdain, who tried to join the “upper class”, but he could only clumsily imitate the lives of the nobility. Main characters Mr. Jourdain is a philistine who wanted to be a nobleman. The surrounding people laughed at him, but played up to him for his own benefit. Mrs. Jourdain is the wife of Mr Jourdain; did not share his desire to becomeRead More →

L. de Gongora Polyphemus and Galatea The abundant island of Sicily, the “horn of Bacchus, the garden of Pomona” is beautiful, its fertile fields are golden, like the white wool of sheep grazing on mountain slopes. But there is a horrifying place on it, “a shelter for a terrible night,” where there is always darkness. This is the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus, which serves him and the “deaf devil,” and a dark house, and a spacious enclosure for his sheep herds. Polyphemus, son of the ruler of the sea of ​​Neptune, is a thunderstorm of the whole district. He is a walking mountain ofRead More →

P. Sh. De Laclos Dangerous connections The events described in the letters that make up the narrative are laid in a short time: August – December 17 … But for such a short time from the correspondence of the main characters, we comprehend their philosophy of life. Quite a long relationship links de Valmont, the main character, with his correspondent, Madame de Merté. She is witty, charming and in communication with the opposite sex is no less experienced than he. So, at the beginning of the narrative, we learn from the letter of the Marquis de Merteil from Paris, addressed to the Viscount de Valmont,Read More →

NV Gogol the Nose The incident described, according to the narrator, happened in St. Petersburg, on March 25. Barber Ivan Yakovlevich, having eaten in the morning of fresh bread baked by his wife Praskovia Osipovna, finds in it a nose. Puzzled by this unattainable incident, having recognized the nose of the collegiate assessor Kovalev, he is in vain looking for a way to get rid of his find. Finally he throws him from Isakievsky Bridge and, against any expectation, is delayed by a quarter warder with large sideburns. The collegiate assessor Kovalev (who was more fond of being called a major), waking up the sameRead More →

A 25-year-old young man, a graduate of the Institute of Railway Transport, appears before the reader, for whom “what for fourteen years he strove with a risk of many thousands to fall through” happened. After graduation, Kartashev wants to find a job “where they do not take bribes.” Full of such noble and utopian dreams, escorted by Shatsky, with whom they no longer meet, he leaves St. Petersburg, six years of life in which “flashed like six pages of a book read.” Returning home did not refresh Kartashev: the relationship with his mother feels taut; too much has changed in the house during his absence.Read More →

“Murder of Roger Ackroyd” – a work-novel by Agatha Christie, created within the detective genre and published in 1926. The events of the novel’s heroes are developing in the village of King’s Abbot in England. The story is told by Dr. James Sheppard, who later becomes assistant to Poirot. Mrs. Ferrar, a wealthy widow, is dying. There are many bad rumors about her, one of which is the murder of her husband. A woman is considered a suicide, but soon new facts are revealed that refute this conclusion. It turns out that Roger Ackroyd took care of the deceased, and even planned to marry her.Read More →

One of the ancient capitals of Georgia is Mtskheta. It is built between two rivers – Aragva and the Kura, in it stands one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Svetitskhoveli. Somehow one Russian general was carrying a captive child, but he did not take it, because the child was ill and left him in the city of Mtskheta, with the monastery. The child grows, he was baptized and raised in Christian customs. Mtsyri – that’s the name of the child, has long ago forgotten his language. He begins to prepare for a monastic vow. On that day, when the city overtook the strongest thunderstorm,Read More →

But all that she does for him in this direction, in his own words, is lost work. The guy with his beloved arrived in Paris. Leo Nikolayevich thick in confession, the author’s own research is described subtly and intelligibly, Love, respect, sincere frankness were the creators of my celebration, depicts the genre of his meeting with a woman who has become his faithful and devoted friend. If anyone understands anything contrary to what was said here, I would prefer. The reason for this will serve as an attack of jealousy from the side of the second half. At this time he finds the only realRead More →

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