Krylov’s fable “The Pig Under the Oak” is distinguished by penetrating morality, which most accurately conveys the milestones of the time in which its author lived. Nevertheless, before you begin to analyze its meaning, you need to familiarize yourself with the textual content of the work. “A pig under an oak” is a fable, in which three heroes are involved. Central among them is, as you probably already guessed, a pig. Minor characters are the oak and the crow sitting on its branch. The narrative begins with a story about how a pig lies under an oak tree and eats acorns that fell from it.Read More →

YEARNING A musical drama in three acts Libretto by L. Illik and D. Giacosa Characters: Floria Tosca, the famous singer Mario Cavaradossi, artist Baron Scarpia, Chief of Police Cesare Angelotti Sacristan Spoletta, a police agent Scaryone, gendarme Jailer Shepherd Soprano Tenor Baritone Bass Baritone Tenor Bass Bass Alto Cardinal, city prosecutor, hangman, scribe, officer, sergeant, soldiers, sobors, townspeople, people. Venue: Rome. Time: June, 1800 year. PLOT The political prisoner Angelotti who fled the fortress took refuge in the church. Here, in the chapel of his sister Marquise Attavanti, a dress for escape is hidden. The artist Kavaradossi writes in the church the image of theRead More →

In the neighborhood of Rochester, an ancient town southeast of London, lived a seven-year-old boy, nicknamed Pip. He was left without parents, and his “own hands” raised by an older sister who “possessed a rare ability to pay purity into something more uncomfortable and unpleasant than any mud.” With Pip, she addressed as if he had been “taken under the supervision of a police midwife and handed over to her with suggestion – to act according to the strictness of the law.” Her husband was a blacksmith Joe Garderi – a blond giant, complaisant and rustic, only he, as he could, defended Pip. This amazingRead More →

This work Swift can be attributed immediately to several genres: a novel-narrative, a novel-journey, a pamphlet and at the same time it contains features of an anti-utopia (and at the end of a book of utopia), and also contains elements of fiction. But most importantly this novel can in fact be considered prophetic, since all the human strangenesses that are described in it with the murderous and merciless Swift satire, not only did not go along with those who were ridiculed by Swift, but, unfortunately, it is extremely important nowadays. The book consists of four parts, corresponding to the four travels of the hero, withRead More →

In Genoa, in a small square in front of the station, a dense crowd of people gathered-workers predominate, but many well-dressed, well-fed people. At the head of the crowd are members of the municipality, the banner of the city, waving heavily silk embroidered with silk, wavers above their heads, and alongside it are the multicolored banners of workers’ organizations. The gold of brushes, fringes and shoelaces shines, the spears on the shafts shine, the silk rustles, and the crowd, like a chorus singing in a low voice, buzzes in a solemn manner. Above her, on a high pedestal – the figure of Columbus, a dreamerRead More →

So Huck returns to the kind widow Douglas. The widow meets him with tears and calls the lost sheep – but this, of course, is not from evil. And again, life on the phone, even at the table, relies first to mutter something over the food. Although the food is not bad, it’s a pity, every thing is cooked separately: whether it’s a scrap, when you mix them well – not as an example, it’s easier to slip through. The widow’s sister, Miss Watson, is especially distressed by Huck – the old maid with glasses: and do not put your feet on a chair, andRead More →

Louis Aragon Holy Week The action takes place from 19 to 26 March 1815 in France, during the last before Easter of the week, in the Catholic calendar called passionate. The novel is based on historical events connected with the return of Napoleon Bonaparte to Paris, who fled from the island of Elba, where he was in exile. The main character of this multifaceted novel-epic is a young artist Theodore Gericault. In 1811, his father, Georges Gericault, with the consent of his son, who hates the war, hired a recruit to serve in Napoleon’s army. And for several years, Theodore quietly engaged in painting. However,Read More →

Storyteller Maxim tells us about his meeting with a certain Konovalov, and the reason for the story was a newspaper article stating that the philistine of the city of Murom, Alexander Ivanovich Konovalov, who had been arrested for vagrancy, hanged himself in a prison cell because of melancholy. Maxim his story decided to clarify somewhat more clearly the reason for the suicide of this “glorious little” … Maxim was eighteen when he met Konovalov. Then Maxim lived in a small Privolzhsky city and worked as an assistant baker, a soldier from the “musical team” and a drunken drunkard. When the owner of the bakery madeRead More →

VF Odoevsky Moroz Ivanovich In one house there lived two girls – Rukodelnitsa and Lenivitsa, and with them a nanny. The needlewoman was a clever girl: she got up early, she put on clothes herself, without nurse, she was accepted for work: the stove was sinking, she kneaded the bread, she chalked the house, the cock fed, and then went to the well for water. But Laziness, meanwhile lying in bed, bored with lying down, would say to herself: “Nanny, put on my stockings, nurse, tie my shoes.” Rises, sits down to the window of flies One day the Rudolnik went to the well forRead More →

At night there was a bombing, and in the morning five prisoners of war found an unexploded bomb in a dilapidated factory shop. It was a chance. Replacing the damaged fuse, the prisoners cast lots – who will strike at the striker. To die out was the consumptive gaftling (captive), but he no longer had the strength to strike accurately, and Ivan Tereshka took the sledgehammer. Suddenly a German officer approached the group, although the Germans usually stayed away from the prisoners, who neutralized the unexploded ordnance. The officer called Ivan and told him to clean his dusty boots. Working prisoners were working nearby, andRead More →

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