Summary “Brother fox and brother rabbit” Harris

Summary “Brother fox and brother rabbit” Harris

How much charming enchantment in “Tales of Uncle Remus”! No wonder the 16-year-old teenager Joel Harris (1848-1908) was heard by the stories that blacks in the kitchen told to pass the time and have fun. He then worked as a “boy on parcels” on a plantation for shelter and bread, and in the evenings absorbed the fables of those black slaves whom later in his tales would call Uncle Remus and Mother Meadows.

How tales entered the American literature

Ten years later, as a writer, Harris will start to travel and collect stories about the cunning Brother Rabbit and his family, about the insidious Fox, who can not catch and eat a very clever hare. But before that he would work as a compositor in a printing house, then as a journalist, and finally as an editor

in various newspapers. He will write essays, humoresques, serious political articles. Together with his family he will move to Atlanta and start reproducing what he listened to with pleasure in his youth. His stories will reprint all the newspapers. This folklore of the southern states is not printed in one book. His believable and admirable and affectionate animals will change attitudes toward children’s books.

This will be literature, including for adults. And the numerous clones that will appear in English-speaking countries, for example Winnie the Pooh, and all the characters of cartoons and movies, are the merit of Joel Harris, whose “The Tale of Brother Rabbit and Brother Fox” has given impetus to the development of this direction. All the collections of the writer are translated into many languages ​​of the world. In Russia they were introduced to them in the thirties of the last century. They can be found on the shelves of public and home libraries. These editions are read up to holes.

What did my mother hear?

One evening my mother looked for her son and accidentally looked into the window of a dilapidated hut. She saw the old black good-natured uncle Remus, next to whom her baby comfortably settled and listened attentively, as cleverly, word by word, adds the story of this black old

man. Mom and itself was heard. It was a fairy tale about Fox and Rabbit. Mom heard Fox scurry after Rabbit and in every possible way managed to catch him. But Rabbit tried to escape from him. The ways of the animals suddenly met on the road. They stand opposite each other. Rabbit is plump, smooth, and so the Fox wants to eat, that comes up with such a cunning. He assures that Brother Bear advises them to make peace. Rabbit and answers: “Come to me, Brother Fox, tomorrow.” We’ll have lunch together. ” The Fox, of course, agreed. And Rabbit, sad, rode home.

Early all rose in the house of Brother Rabbit and began to prepare to meet the red-haired guest. They made a dinner of delicious vegetables, and suddenly their rabbit runs and reports that a visitor is coming to them. But the Fox did not dare to go to them. He pretended to be ill, and through Brother Hedgehog he sent an invitation to dinner for him. The next day the brother Rabbit came to the house of the fluffy, cunning master and began to ask if the hen was cooked for him. “Of course,” agreed the Fox, and Brother Rabbit, on the pretext that the fowl had not been left with dill, gave a dribble and quickly escaped. So he did not manage to catch the Fox.

The other evening

Uncle Remus told the boy a story titled “A Tale of Fox and Frogs.” The old man was amusingly prokvakal, as amphibians do, which seduced the red beast to dive into the pond behind the turtle. He looks at the Fox into the water, sees in it his reflection, accepted for his brother, and boldly ducks. Then he came to his senses and quickly, until the Tortoise Brother dragged him to the bottom, climbed ashore.

Another tale about Fox

Uncle Remus always has a lot of surprises in store. Here, for example, is a story about a resinous scarecrow. This is a fairy tale about Fox, who almost caught Brother Rabbit. A ginger beast of a little man was blinded from sticky resin, he put him on the road, and he hid himself and peeps out what will come of it. Runs Brother Rabbit and politely greets the scarecrow, but it is silent.

He was angry with the ignorant and decided to teach him a lesson: he hit the stuffed paw with his paw. She stuck. Then Rabbit became even more angry and began to beat the scarecrow not only with all the paws, but with his head. The rabbit Rabbit is completely bogged down in pitch. Then Brother Fox rushed out and let’s scoff at the caught angry ears and say that they will have a nice lunch today. Suddenly, Uncle Remus was silent. The tale of the Fox and the resinous scarecrow ended. With anxiety, his little listener asks: “What next?” “Maybe Brother Bear came and saved the harmless Brother Rabbit?” – cunningly assumes Uncle Remus and sends the baby home.


Joel Harris wrote many fairy tales. In the Russian translations only was not found “The Tale of the Family of the Foxes.”

The rest are all there. These are tales about Sarych, Brother Wolf, little rabbits. A total of one hundred and eighty-five stories. These are 5 collections of fairy tales of Uncle Remus. All of them are alive and loved, although it has passed since the author’s last lifetime publication for over a hundred years.

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Summary “Brother fox and brother rabbit” Harris