Painting by Roerich “Portrait of Helena Roerich”

Before us is a portrait of EI Roerich, created by Svyatoslav Roerich (1904-1993), an outstanding Russian artist, public figure in 1937. Canvas, tempera.

Svyatoslav Roerich transmits in his picturesque work the image of an extraordinary driver, the image of an always loving person, the image of a mother. Let’s pay attention to the special refinement of the portrait, emphasized by Svyatoslav Roerich with the whole composition. In the image of EI Roerich, the portrait shows a high degree of spirituality, a developed intellect – all in complete harmony with the beauty of its appearance.

The artist especially subtly conveys the mystery of the look. Eyes like a mirror of the soul emit tenderness and love. Wonderful almond shaped eyes with clear arched eyebrows. Radiant brown eyes, leaving a trace in the hearts of people. We see chestnut and gray hair, which indicate a significant age in the usual earthly manifestation, but in the guise of EI Roerich, they testify

to the wisdom revealed through love and knowledge. Svyatoslav Roerich emphasizes that it is possible to be a very beautiful woman in certain years, but this requires a lot…. A thin mesh on the hair gathered in a bun. Hair protects the crown, it is very important for those who have high spiritual practice, to save energy. Unusual shape of the lips…. And someone will say: what are you doing so in detail – just watch! But we pay attention to the shape of the lips EI. Roerich is a model for us, and in every detail of the portrait dignity, restraint, wisdom are expressed. S. Roerich conveys to us the beauty of the inner through the external manifestation.

The red background of the portrait is the background of creative burning, on the right is a more rich tone of the column, a symbol of commensurability. The purity of thoughts and the whole appearance is emphasized by a white blouse with a pink glow of refinement. The pink blush on the slightly dark complexion is combined with the red background of the portrait – a symbol of refined creativity. The most delicate pink complexion is consonant with the tenderest rose, framing the gates of the garment – the symbol of the Fiery World. The necklace on the neck indicates a high achievement of the spirit, it is like a ring – a symbol of protection. Svyatoslav Roerich gives us a wise feminine image in the smoothness of the lines of the face, neck, the whole figure, worthy of imitation.

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Painting by Roerich “Portrait of Helena Roerich”