My first meeting with my favorite book

I really love S. Yesenin’s poetry. Write such beautiful poems about nature only a man, in love with her. But his works on animals are especially heartfelt. Already after the first reading, I very much fell in love with S. Esenin’s poems “The Cow”, “Fox,” “Song of the Dog,” and others.

Reading the preface to the book, I learned about the poet’s touching attitude towards homeless animals who understood and loved their benefactor. He was able to read in the eyes of animals their pain, a request for help and never refused it. The hungry dog ​​received not only food, but also sympathy, expressed in kind words, friendly gestures.

The poet appears before us not only unusually talented, but also sincerely beautiful, kind Russian man who cared about “our smaller brothers”.

In Esenin’s poems about animals – an example of humanity for us. If we do not pay attention to what is being done around, then we will kill the most valuable quality – the ability to do good. Poetry poems about animals carry a huge charge of kindness, remind us of charity, love of neighbor, suggest thoughts about eternal values, the essence of being.

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My first meeting with my favorite book