Literary currents futurism

Historical and literary process is a set of generally significant changes in literature. Literature is continuously developing. Each epoch enriches art with some new artistic discoveries. The study of the laws of the development of literature constitutes the concept of “historical and literary process”. The development of the literary process is determined by the following artistic systems: the creative method, style, genre, literary trends and trends.

Continuous change of literature is an obvious fact, but significant changes occur not every year, not even every decade. As a rule, they are associated with serious historical changes (the change of historical epochs and periods, wars, revolutions associated with the emergence of new social forces on the historical arena, etc.). It is possible to single out the main stages in the development of European art that determined the specific character of the historical and literary process: antiquity, the Middle Ages, the

Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The development of the historical and literary process is conditioned by a number of factors, among which the historical situation (socio-political system, ideology, etc.), the influence of previous literary traditions and the artistic experience of other peoples should be noted above all. For example, the creative work of Pushkin was seriously influenced by his predecessors not only in Russian literature (Derzhavin, Batiushkov, Zhukovsky and others), but also European (Voltaire, Rousseau, Byron and others).

The literary process is a complex system of literary interactions. It represents the formation, functioning and change of various literary trends and trends.

The literary trend is a consistent and repetitive, in a particular period of the historical development of literature, a holistic and organically connected circle of the main features of literary creativity, expressed both in the nature of the selection of phenomena of reality, and in the principles of selecting the means of artistic representation in a number of writers that correspond to it.

The literary trend is a concrete historical manifestation of the productive creative method within the artistic system, as well as works created on the basis of one unproductive creative method. The creative method is the basic artistic principles of evaluation, selection and reproduction of reality in a work.

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Literary currents futurism