Jan Hus – Bethlehem rebel. The struggle of the Czech Republic with German dominance

At the beginning of the XV century. the Czechs have run out of patience. They rose to fight the German dominance and the “corruption” of the clergy. The townspeople sought a cheap church, noblemen – of its landed estates, and all together – the liberation of the country from German domination.

The disgruntled head of the head of the University of Prague and the preacher of the Bethlehem chapel in Prague, Jan Hus.

Jan Hus angrily condemned Simonia and the shameless trade in Indulgences. He demanded that the service should not be in Latin, but in Czech, so that the Czechs were not Germans, but Czechs. Jan Hus believed that there should be no inequality between laymen and the clergy, that they should take the wine from the cup. Of course, the pope did not hesitate to wean Jan Hus from the church.

In 1414, Jan Hus was summoned to the church cathedral in Constanta. The German Emperor hypocritically granted him a letter of protection. The cathedral

accused Hus of heresy and was sentenced to burning, the emperor signed this sentence. Theologians eventually justified the emperor by the fact that it is not a sin to betray the one who betrayed God himself. July 6, 1415, Ian Hus was burned.

1414 From the report of the Italian scientist Poggio Bracciolini on the consideration by the Constantine Council of the case of Jan Hus

The Archbishop of London: “If this Czech had ten lives, I would take seven lives from him for his speeches about the secret of the sacrament, but I would not leave the rest of his life either.” First, since he humiliated the vicar of Christ. because he denuded the clergy, leaving him no scrap to cover his nakedness. Third, since he confounded many people, giving the people the right to understand the issues of faith, while the people for his salvation more it would be necessary to know nothing and to believe naively… “

Indulgence – the papal charter on the forgiveness of sins.

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Jan Hus – Bethlehem rebel. The struggle of the Czech Republic with German dominance