The second quarter of the 20th century is the era of the highest heyday of jazz culture. The USA has become the cradle of this

It was summer in the yard. For many days, the scorching rays of the sun exhausted everything around. Under their fierce onslaught, the green meadow

The democratization of our society has revealed many opportunities in expressing our views and aspirations. Therefore, today, literally at every step, we can meet representatives

The question is whether the school uniform is necessary for children and what are the arguments “for and against” its wearing. parents are asked when

Virtue… is not divided into parts; Either she is, or she is not. O. de Balzac. Father Gorio One of the themes of Honore de

Gold is the spiritual essence Total current society. O. de Balzac. Gobsek How many examples in the history of mankind, when people overestimated the power