A summary of the work of A. S. Pushkin “The Captain’s Daughter”

A summary of the work of A. S. Pushkin “The Captain’s Daughter”

Chapter 1
Sergeant Guards
The chapter opens with the biography of Peter Grinev: the father served, retired, the family had 9 children, but all but Peter died in infancy. Even before his appearance, Grinev was enrolled in the Semenov regiment. Until the age of majority he was considered on leave. The boy is brought up by Uncle Savelich, under whose guidance Petrusha learns Russian diploma and learns to judge the merits of a gay boy. Later, the Frenchman Beaupre was sent to him, who was supposed to teach the boy “in French, German and other sciences,” but he did not engage in Petrusha’s upbringing, but drank and walked around the girl’s. Father soon discovers this and expels the Frenchman. When Peter is seventeen, his father sends him to the service, but

not to St. Petersburg, as the son hoped, but to Orenburg. Parting with his son, the father orders him to “dress again, and honor from the youth.” Upon arrival in Simbirsk, Grinev gets acquainted at the tavern with captain Zurin, who teaches him to play billiards, soldered and wins 100 rubles. Grinev “behaved like a boy, escaped to freedom.” In the morning Zurin demands a win. The person who wants to show character Grinev makes Savelich, despite his protests, give money and, ashamed, leaves Simbirsk.

Chapter 2
On the way, Gritsev asks Savelich for forgiveness for his stupid behavior. In the way they are caught by a snowstorm. They’re out of the way. They meet a person, whose “sharpness and delicacy of flair” amaze Greenev, a man asks them to take them to the nearest shelter. In the tent, Grinyov has a dream that he comes to the estate, finds his father at death. Peter comes to him for blessing and sees instead of his father a peasant with a black beard. Mother assures Grinev that this is his planted father. The peasant jumps up, starts waving an ax, the room is filled with dead bodies. Peter grins and calls the peasant under his blessing. At the inn, Grinev examines the leader. “He was about forty years old, of medium height, lean and broad-shouldered, his black

beard was showing a squint, his large large eyes were running, his face was rather pleasant, but a picaresque. The hair was cut in a circle, with a tattered Armenian and Tatar bloomers on it. “The leader converses with the host in the” allegorical language “:” He flew to the garden, hep pecked; the grandmother threw a pebble by the stone, and by. “Grinev brings a glass of wine to the leader, gives him a hula sheepskin, from Orenburg the old friend of his father, Andrei Karlovich, sends Grinev to serve in the Belogorsky Fortress.

Chapter 3
Fortress The
fortress is like a village. The wise and kind old woman, the wife of the commandant, Vasilisa Yegorovna, orders everything to her. The next morning, Grinev met with Alexei Ivanovich Shvabrin, a young officer of “short stature, with a face swarthy and perfectly ugly, but extremely alive.” Shvabrin transferred to the fortress for a duel. Shvabrin tells Grinev about life in the fortress, describes the family of the commandant, especially unflatteringly speaks about the daughter of the commandant Mironov Masha. Shvabrin and Grinev invited to dinner in the family commandant. On the way, Grinev sees “teachings”: commandant Ivan Kuzmich Mironov commands a platoon of invalids. He himself is dressed in a “cap and Chinese dressing gown”.

Chapter 4
The fight
Grinev is very attached to the commandant’s family. It is made into officers. Grinev talks a lot with Shvabrin, but he likes him less and less, especially his remarks about Masha. Grinev devotes Masha mediocre love poems. Shvabrin sharply criticizes them, insults Masha in a conversation with Grinev. Grinev calls him a liar, Shvabrin demands satisfaction. Before the duel at the order of Vasilisa Yegorovna they are arrested, the courtyard girl Palashka even takes their swords from them. After a while, Grinev learns from Masha that Shvabrin has married her, and she refused. The duel resumes, Grinev is wounded.

Chapter 5
Masha and Savelich care for the wounded. Grinev makes Masha an offer. He writes a letter to his parents. Shvabrin comes to see Grinev, admits that he himself was to blame. Father Grinev denies his son a blessing. Masha avoids Grinev, does not want a wedding without the consent of the parents. Grinev ceases to be in Mironov’s house, falls in spirit.

Chapter 6
Pugachev district The
commandant receives a notice of Emelyan Pugachev, the bandit robber who attacks the fortress. Vasilisa Yegorovna is trying to find out everything, and rumors of an attack spread throughout the fortress. Pugachev calls on the enemy to give up. One of the appeals falls into the hands of Mironov through a captured Bashkir who has no nose, ears and tongue. Ivan Kuzmich decides to send Masha out of the fortress. Masha says goodbye to Grinev. Vasilisa Yegorovna refuses to leave and remains with her husband.

Chapter 7
At night, the Cossacks leave the Belogorsky fortress under the banner of Pugachev. The Pugachevites attack the fortress. The commandant and a few defenders of the Fortress are defending themselves, but the forces are unequal. Captured fortress Pugachev arranges “trial”. Ivan Kuzmich and his comrades are executed. When the turn comes to Grinev, Savelich rushes to Pugachev’s feet, begging to spare the “lordly child,” promises a ransom. Pugachev agrees. The inhabitants of the city and garrison soldiers swear allegiance to Pugachev. Vasilissa Yegorovna is taken to the porch, and she is killed. Pugachev is leaving.

Chapter 8
An uninvited guest of
Grinev is tormented by the thought of Masha’s fate. She hides a priest in her home, from which Grinev learns that Shvabrin went over to Pugachev’s side. Savelich informs Grinev that he learned in Pugachev the leader. Pugachev calls Grinev to himself. Grinev leaves. “Everyone treated themselves as comrades and did not give any special preference to their leader… Each boasted, offered their opinions and freely challenged Pugachev.” Pugachevtsy sing a song about the gallows. Guests Pugacheva diverge. In private, Grinev honestly admits that he does not consider Pugachev a king. Pugachev: “Is it not good luck to the remote? Did not Grishka Otrepev reign in the old days? Think about me what you want, but do not leave me behind.” Pugachev sends Grinev to Orenburg, despite the fact that he promises to fight against him.

Chapter 9
Pugachev punishes Grinev to inform the Orenburg governor that the Pugachevites will be in the city in a week. Pugachev himself leaves the Belogorsky fortress, leaving Shvabrin a commandant. Savelich gives Pugachev a “register” of plundered lordly goodness, Pugachev in “a fit of generosity” leaves him without attention and without punishment. Grine Grinev horse and coat from his shoulder. Masha falls ill.

Chapter 10
Siege of the city
Grinev goes to Orenburg to General Andrei Karlovich. There was not a single military man on the military council. ” “All the officials spoke about the unreliability of the troops, about the unfaithfulness of luck, about caution, etc. Everyone believed that it would be prudent to remain under the cover of guns behind a strong stone wall, rather than in an open field to experience the happiness of weapons.” Officials propose to bribe Pugachev’s people. The sergeant brings from Belogorsk fortress Grinev a letter from Masha. Grinev asks the general to give him a company of soldiers and fifty Cossacks to clear the Belogorsky fortress. Of course, the General refuses.

Chapter 11
Rebellious village
Grinev and Savelich are sent to help Masha alone. On the way they are seized by Pugachev’s people. Pugachev interrogates Grinev about his intentions in the presence of his confidants. “One of them, an eager and bent old man with a gray beard, did not have anything remarkable in it, except for a blue ribbon, worn over his shoulder by a gray Armenian, but I will never forget his companion.” He was tall, dense and broad-shouldered, and appeared to me about forty-five years ago, a thick red beard, gray sparkling eyes, a nose without nostrils and reddish patches on his forehead and cheeks gave expression to his wide face an inexplicable expression. ” Grinev admits that he is going to save the orphan from the claims of Shvabrin. The confidants offer to understand not only Shvabrin, but also with Grinev – to hang both. Pugachev refers to Grinev with obvious sympathy, promises to marry him to Masha. In the morning Grinev in the tent Pugacheva goes to the fortress. In a confidential conversation, Pugachev tells him that he would like to go to Moscow, but “my street is narrow, I lack the will, my boys are clever, they are thieves.” I must keep my ears open, at the first failure they will ransom my neck with my head. ” Pugachev tells Grinev Kalmyk fairy tale about the eagle and crow.

Chapter 12 The
In the fortress Pugachev finds out that Shvabrin mocks Masha, starves her. Pugachev “by the will of the sovereign” frees the girl, wants to immediately marry her with Grinev. Shvabrin says that she is the daughter of Captain Mironov. Pugachev decides that “to execute, so to execute, to pay, so to pay” and dismiss Grinev and Masha.

Chapter 13
On the way from the fortress, the soldiers arrest Grinev, taking him for a Pugachev, being taken to his boss, who turns out to be Zurin. On his advice Grinev decides to send Masha and Savelich to his parents, and to continue to fight. “Pugachev was defeated, but was not caught” and gathered new detachments in Siberia. They pursue him, catch him, the war ends. Zurin receives an order to arrest Grinev and send him under guard to Kazan to the Investigation Commission on the Pugachev case.

Chapter 14
On the charge of Shvabrin, Grinev is suspected of serving Pugachev. Grinev is sentenced to exile in Siberia. Grinev’s parents were very attached to Masha. Not wishing to abuse their generosity, Masha goes to Petersburg, stops at Tsarskoe Selo, meets the empress in the garden and asks for mercy to Grinev, explaining that he was sent to Pugachev because of her. At the audience the Empress promises to arrange the fate of Masha and forgive Grinev. Grinev is released from custody. “He was present at the execution of Pugachev, who recognized him in the crowd and nodded his head, which in a minute, dead and bloody, was shown to the people.”

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A summary of the work of A. S. Pushkin “The Captain’s Daughter”