Biography of Andrei Rublev

Biography of Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev is an icon painter, canonized in the face of the Reverend.

Biography of Andrei Rublev contains few reliable facts. The exact date of birth of Rublev is not known, and the place of birth is called the Moscow Principality or Novgorod. Andrew grew up in the family of icon painters. Later he was tonsured as a monk, then he took the name of Andrew.

Together with other masters, Rublev painted the Annunciation Cathedral, which was a confirmation of his skill at that time. Also for his biography Rublev painted Trinity Cathedral, Uspensky Cathedral of the city of Vladimir.

But the broadest glory of Rublev was as an icon painter. He created many icons, although the iconography was not traditional, in it he combined spiritual beauty and man’s power. The most outstanding work of Rublev is the icon “The Life-Giving Trinity”, depicting three angels and thicket in the center. Among other famous works of Rublev – “The Apostle Paul”, “Savior from the Zvenigorodsky Order”, the fresco “The Last Judgment” in the Assumption Cathedral. Not all icons and frescoes have survived to this day.

The last work, if we consider a brief biography of Andrei Rublev, was painting in the Spassky Cathedral. The great master died in October 1428.

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Biography of Andrei Rublev