Biography of Anatoly Sobchak

Biography of Anatoly Sobchak

Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak – a political figure in Russia, the mayor of St. Petersburg.

He lived in Uzbekistan for a long time, then moved to Leningrad. In 1956, in the biography of Anatoly Sobchak received admission to the State University of Leningrad for the legal department. After completing his studies, Anatoly worked as a lawyer, then as head of a legal consultation, an associate professor at the pulp and paper industry institute. Becoming a professor, he headed the department of economic law, and after all the faculty of law.

Political career in the biography of Sobchak formed quite quickly. After joining the CPSU, he soon became a people’s deputy, then chairman of the subcommittee of economic legislation. Having become a deputy of the Leningrad Soviet in 1990, a month later he headed the council, and a year later became mayor of the city.

In 1991, in his biography, Mayor Sobchak created a bloc of the Movement for Democratic Reforms, but during the elections the bloc failed to go to the State Duma. In 1996, at the election of the governor Sobchak lost to V. Yakovlev.

In 1997, a case was brought against the mayor. Sobchak was accused of bribery, abuse of power, but in 1999 the case was closed. In February 2000, Sobchak became Putin’s confidant. . Literally a few days later, Anatoly Sobchak passed away.

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Biography of Anatoly Sobchak