Zinaida Mikhailovna Kirienko is an actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR. Zinaida was born on July 9, 1933 in Makhachkala. The desire to become an actress in the biography of Zinaida Kiriyenko originated in her childhood. At first she moved with her mother to the Stavropol Territory, and after the end of the seven classes of the school, the Moscow Railway Technical School entered the school. But after the first semester I returned home. Then Zinaida decided not to turn off the planned path and again returned to Moscow, now she already entered VGIK. The first role in the movie in the biography of actressRead More →

(1873 – 1961) Forsh Olga Dmitrievna (1873 – 1961), the prose writer. Born May 16 (28 N. p.) In the fortress Gunib in Dagestan in the family of General D. Komarov, head of the district of Middle Dagestan. My mother died very early, and the Bonn was engaged in raising the children of the general, who later married Komarov. After the death of her husband, she immediately gave her step-daughter to an orphanage in Moscow. Later, the future writer studied painting in drawing schools in Kiev and Odessa, as well as in the studio of P. Chistyakov at the Academy of Arts. In 1891 sheRead More →

(11/17/1925) Lobanov Mikhail Petrovich (17.11.1925, the village of Inshakovo, Ryazan region). At five I was left without a father. Mother, already having two children, married a second time for a widower with five children and then gave birth to four more. The first stories were published in 1939 in the district newspaper Kolkhoznaya Buildings. In 1943 he was drafted into the army and after short courses at the machine-gun school near Ufa received direction to the Bryansk Front. On August 9, 1943, a fragment of a mine was wounded on the Kursk Bulge. In 1944 he came to the faculty of Moscow State University. HeRead More →

Frank Baum – American journalist, playwright, author of children’s stories, was born in Chittenango, New York. Frank together with his family moved to South Dakota in 1888, where he began working in the newspaper. Then in 1891 the family moved to Chicago, Frank Baum and there began to work as a journalist. His first book for children – “Stories of Mother Goose in prose.” It was followed by the book “The Goose’s Father: His Book,” which quickly became a bestseller. In 1900 the most famous book by Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz, was published, a story about a little girl, tornado torn to theRead More →

Plato is an ancient Greek philosopher. Plato was born into a family with aristocratic roots. After getting to know Socrates, he accepted his teaching. Then in the biography of Plato there were several trips: to Megarts, Cyrene, Egypt, Italy, Athens. It was in Athens that Plato established his own academy. His works were presented by the philosopher in the form of dialogues. For the first time the collected works of Plato were compiled by Aristophanes of Byzantium in the 3rd century BC. e. He also arranged the works with trilogy. The philosophy of Plato has received the greatest expression in the doctrine of cognition, asRead More →

Dmitry Petrovich Dyuzhev is an actor. Dmitry was born on July 9, 1978 in Astrakhan in a creative family, his father was an actor. In his childhood in his biography Dmitry Dyuzhev did not differ in exemplary behavior. Growing up, became more serious about learning. At first I wanted to associate my career with the sea, to study at the Naval School. But then I changed my mind, not without the instructions of my father. In 1995, in the biography of Djuzhev, the entrance to the State Institute of Theatrical Art took place. There he studied the course of Mark Zakharov. After graduating from GITISRead More →

(03 (15) .IV.1886 to 24.VIII.1921) Nikolai Gumilev is a Russian poet, playwright. Born April 3 (15 N. s.) In Kronstadt in the family ship’s doctor. He spent his childhood in Tsarskoye Selo, here in 1903 he entered a gymnasium, the director of which was the famous poet I. Annensky. After graduation, he left for Paris, at the Sorbonne. By this time Gumilev was already the author of the book The Way of the Conquistadors, seen by one of the legislators of Russian symbolism V. Bryusov. In Paris he published the magazine “Sirius” (in which A. Akhmatova made her debut), visited exhibitions, got acquainted with FrenchRead More →

Peter Crouch – footballer, was born on January 30, 1981 in McClesfield, Cheshire, England. Best known as the two-meter forward Liverpool Reds. Of all the players who played for Liverpool and England, Peter Crouch is much higher. Having tried himself in several teams of professional football, Peter in 2005 settled on the team “Liverpool”, becoming there a real star. Due to his growth, the athlete is the highest player in the English Premier League. For his national team Crouch played for the first time in March 2005. In 2006, the football player scored his first goal for England at the World Cup against the TrinidadRead More →

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov is a Russian writer and public figure, one of the greatest authors of Soviet “official” literature, a Nobel Prize winner. Endowed with an original epic talent, he acted as a continuer of Tolstoy’s realism traditions on new life material and in the conditions of a new historical era. World fame Sholokhov brought the epic “Quiet Flows the Don”, ranked among the most powerful novels of the twentieth century. The life of M. Sholokhov in dates and facts May 24, 1905 – was born in the farm Kruzhilin Donetsk district of the Don Military Region, in the family of the steward-manager of theRead More →

Day from day and year from year Your cruel fate Was destiny of all people. Your marvelous gift, your wolfishness Powerlessness would have been different… Maria Petrovykh The divine uniqueness of the individual <…> was emphasized by her stunning beauty. From one glance at her breath caught. A tall, dark-haired, swarthy, slim and incredibly flexible, with pale green eyes of a snow leopard, she was painted for half a century, painted, sculpted in plaster and marble, photographed… Verses dedicated to her would have made more volumes than everything her works, “Joseph Brodsky, the poet, recalled about Akhmatova, and Anna Andreevna’s appearance and soulfulness were characterizedRead More →

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